One of the most common questions we get is What Size Round Column do I need to cover my square post? Seems simple enough but there is actually some math behind it. So, we dusted of some Algebra, dug up Pythagoras and tracked down the Quadratic Formula to get you the answers. Here is a quick reference table you can use to determine the minimum size Round Column Wrap you will need to cover your square post. If you really want to see all the math shoot us a note and we'll discuss it with you. Preformed Curved Drywall Column Covers from Modern Curved Solutions are a great solution to cover an ugly steel post look great


Use these quick Steps to determine what size column you need to cover your square post

1. Measure the width of your Square Post.

2. If your square Post is a Rectangle than use the longest side.

3. Using the width you measured, find the Minimum Column Size using the Column Calculator below.

4. The Column Calculator also tells you the thickness of the nailer you will need to add to your square post. We recommend using 2x4's

5. This is the minimum size column you will need, You can always go bigger, You will just need to add additional nailer width to account for the extra diameter.

6. Once you have determined the size Column you need, Check out:   Order Column Wraps Now  to get what you need to complete the job

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