Complete Ceiling Dome Kits with preformed Curved Drywall

Domes for Homes! These easy to install Domes help Builders and DIYers add a unique feature to your home at reduced Time and Cost. Make your home standout from other builders with this easy to install complete Ceiling Dome kit. Other kits require hand fabrication of the drywall adding hours to the Project.

Description – Our Ceiling Dome Kit allows you to construct a complete Dome including framing AND preformed & precut drywall in minutes. No other kit includes the preformed and precut drywall. Save hours of fabrication time vs other solutions.

Main uses – Residential, Commercial

Sizes – 36, 42, 48 in diameter. Other sizes available

Contact us for Pricing for other sizes

Complete Ceiling dome kit includes drywall
36 in Diameter$249
42 in Diameter$279
48 in Diameter$349

Complete Ceiling Dome Kit includes all framing

Complete Ceiling Dome Kit includes, preformed and Precut drywall

Celing Dome Kit

Use a complete ceiling dome kit that includes preformed curved drywall panels to save up to 11 hours building a ceiling dome