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Modern Curved Solutions is a Michigan-based company dedicated to developing new architectural and building products and bringing them to market.  We offer products that allow curved features in drywall and curved architectural elements that would be difficult to fabricate in any other way. Our aim is always to make life better for our customers. Curved features make your design standout from your peers. We help make thier creation fast and cost effective.

We focus on what saves our customers money, Speed, Quality, and Innovation.


Using our Products reduce Installation Time and labor costs compared to traditional methods. We know that any experienced drywaller can bend drywall. But all these things eat up time. Preformed Curved Drywall saves time on the job site, saves time in the procurement process For General Contractors and Drywall Installers, faster installation gets you and your people off the current job and onto the next one sooner which means more jobs done and more $ in your pocket. For architects and project managers, the faster everybody gets done, the happier your client will be. We also know that lead time to get Product from the initial inquiry to arrival at the jobsite is critical. Our lean Specification, Ordering, and Production Process allows us to often have Products on the road in only a few days.


But speed is no use without quality.  All the tricks to bend drywall cost time but equally important, they are sources of inconsistency and require high skilled installers that are hard to find and cost more. With Preformed Curved Drywall Panels, you get a more consistent outcome every time without the skill of the artisan. That means fewer call-backs, better quality, happier customers.



While we believe our Products are fundamentally innovative, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience with us. We continually look to find ways to be make our Products more efficiently This lets us continue to drive down our lead time, without impacting the performance of the Product. We strongly believe in System Engineering Principles. This means when we understand the bigger picture of what you are trying to build, we often can find solutions to integrate multiple features into our Product or a mating product that provides a more cost and time effective solution. We can often take multiple pieces and seams out of a job that send time and money straight to the Project bottomline. We will ask a few more questions upfront so we can flush out options.

Round Drywall Column Wrap, 8 in to 32 in Diameter
Curved drywall corners in hotel room Curved drywall corners are elegant and practical
Preformed Curved Drywall Saves Labor